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The XSR155- Evaluation of DC Motorbikes

The XSR155

“Last time, I wrote a review about the WinnerX motorbike, which is a popular manual transmission bike in Vietnam. As someone who is passionate about motorcycles, today I will review another manual transmission bike for you – the XSR155 or the XS155R” Below are some information of the XSR155 that I have gathered and my

Camping Tour to the mountains | DC Motorbikes

We are very excited to introduce a collaboration with Ride and Camp, a project established by long term resident of Vietnam – Andrew Thompson who wants to share his passion for exploring the country by bike and camping. This is a short and easy camping tour to the mountains spanning a a two-day and one-night

Vietnamese driver’s license- All you need to know

What’s up everyone!  This is DC Motorbikes, today we will learn about the traffic issue, specifically the Vietnamese driver’s license. As you already know, different countries have different cultures, so it is certain that the traffic culture in each country will also be different. In Vietnam, having a driver’s license is mandatory when participating in

Winner X- Is it one of the popular clutches in Vietnam?

I. A brief introduction about Honda Winner X Winner X is a high-performance motorcycle introduced by Honda, one of the prominent names in the motorcycle industry. Designed with a sporty and powerful look, this bike fulfills all the necessary functions required for a large displacement motorcycle. WinX boasts a stylish design that exudes strength and

Electric Scooter-The Enviromental Solution

Vinfast Electric bike review

Electric motorbikes, with their silent engines and zero tailpipe emissions, are at the forefront of the transportation revolution, offering a clean and efficient alternative to traditional petrol-powered motorcycles. As we navigate the complexities of climate change and strive to reduce our carbon footprint, these eco-friendly two-wheelers emerge as a compelling solution, not just for the

Buying second hand motorbike in Ho Chi Minh


  9 TIPS TO BUYING SECOND HAND BIKE IN HO CHI MINH It is undeniable that buying a new motorbike is extremely complicated for ex-pats in Vietnam as they have to complete a lot of paperwork with the government and the traffic department. Therefore, some choose to buy a used one to make it easier