Review of the Yamaha PG-1 motorcycle

Just bought it recently, so today DC will have a review of the Yamaha PG-1 motorcycle!!!



According to DC Motorbikes, the PG-1 embodies a highly unique style by blending sporty and classic elements. Thanks to this fusion, the PG-1 has created a distinctive feature, quite unlike typical Seimi-motorcycles. It’s small but still looks quite rugged and sturdy.

Yamaha PG-1
DC Motorbikes really likes this design style.

The Light

The front headlamp design is large in size, with a classic round shape,. The type of lamp used by the PG-1 is Halogen, emitting yellow light.

PG-1 Lights

The Seat

The PG-1 is compact and lightweight, around 250 pounds (110 kilograms), with a comfortable seat height, suitable for all body types. A double seat will provide comfort for two people.

However, there is a downside to this, which is the lack of storage space in the trunk. You would have to equip additional accessories, such as a GIVI Box, for storage.


The Clocks

The PG-1 will be equipped with a classic analog clock, easy to read, displaying fuel gauge and gear indicator clearly.



The PG-1 comes in a variety of colors, offering a range of options for comfort and style

PG-1 Colors
Source: Internet




PG-1 with a displacement of 113cc, this engine provides adequate power for a Semi Bike, ensuring comfortable rides for daily commutes. Paired with a 4-speed gearbox, the gear shifting is smooth and the transmission is easy to handle.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank has a surprisingly large capacity of 5.1 liters for a small-sized vehicle like this. What’s even more surprising is its fuel efficiency, consuming only about 1.69 liters per 100 kilometers. So, when you travel about 10 kilometers, it only consumes 0.169 liters, and 0.338 liters for 20 kilometers. Quite surprising, isn’t it?”

In addition, the PG-1 also features a smooth suspension system. While it does have a braking system, it’s unfortunate that it’s not equipped with ABS brakes. However, this aspect is not a cause for concern. For a scooter like this, it’s acceptable.

review of the Yamaha PG-1 motorcycle

The Cyan PG-1 has arrived at DC Motorbikes, but due to its limited availability with only one unit, it may be challenging to have it in stock for rental. Therefore, please follow our Facebook page DC Motorbikes where we will update the status of available models. You can also explore other motorcycle models in our inventory on this website

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