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Drive Legally – A Guide for new-comer Expats to Vietnam

Vietnam’s bustling streets, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes make it an enticing destination for expatriates seeking adventure. However, amidst the chaos of traffic and the allure of exploration, one crucial aspect often overlooked is ensuring that you drive legally on Vietnamese roads. Whether you’re planning a short-term stay or settling in for the long haul,

Vietnamese driver’s license- All you need to know

What’s up everyone!  This is DC Motorbikes, today we will learn about the traffic issue, specifically the Vietnamese driver’s license. As you already know, different countries have different cultures, so it is certain that the traffic culture in each country will also be different. In Vietnam, having a driver’s license is mandatory when participating in

Check the driver’s license on the website of the Government?


How can I check the most accurate license in Vietnam? What’s up everyone! Today the mix is becoming increasingly diverse. The “Rogue” also appear frequently, being very sophisticated and sinister. Creating objects with precision is no longer difficult for them thanks to the advancement of modern science, even for fake licenses. So, checking or verifying driver’s license


  Hello everyone, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam and stay here for a long term. You will need a motorbike that can take you further to the city limit. And you will also need a Motorbike license. In all of Sai Gon (HCMC), we can proudly say that we are the first