Vietnamese driver’s license- All you need to know

What’s up everyone!  This is DC Motorbikes, today we will learn about the traffic issue, specifically the Vietnamese driver’s license.

As you already know, different countries have different cultures, so it is certain that the traffic culture in each country will also be different. In Vietnam, having a driver’s license is mandatory when participating in traffic. And we have many questions about it, such as:

 – What is driver’s license?

What role does it play?

Why do we need it?

Is it important?

– Etc…

 I. About the driver’s license

A driver’s license is a permit that allows individuals to operate and control a motorcycle on the road. Another way to say, it is a certification that demonstrates that the motorcycle rider has undergone training and meets the necessary standards to participate in traffic.

Vietnamese driver's license
Vietnamese driving license

II. Advantages of getting a driver’s license in Vietnam

1. To legally ride a bike

After going through the various procedures to obtain a driving license, you have certainly equipped yourself with the necessary knowledge of traffic safety and traffic laws. This can help you easily participate in traffic and drive safely. As I mentioned in the introduction, traffic cultures vary from country to country, even with an international driver’s license, some police officers may still give you a hard time if you can’t show them a license that is issued in Vietnam. Therefore, obtaining a Vietnamese driver’s license will help you avoid unnecessary complications.

2. Commuting and Money efficiency

If you do not have a Vietnamese driver’s license, it will be a difficulty for you to take the initiative when commuting. Instead, you will have to rely on the third party to take you anywhere you want. Moreover, traveling without paying a third party will save you a significant amount of money. Of course, you can still drive without a license by renting a bike; however, we are all aware of the risks of such action, aren’t we?

3. Insurance coverage

In Vietnam, insurance works differently. Having insurance coverage for your driver’s license is not mandatory. However, it is advisable to have insurance coverage to protect yourself financially in case of any accidents or damages. There are different types of insurance policies available in Vietnam, such as third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Third-party liability insurance is the minimum requirement for vehicle owners in Vietnam. It covers the damages or injuries caused to a third party involved in an accident. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage for damages to your own vehicle as well. The damage will not be covered for any harm caused by you or others if you do not have a license issued in Vietnam.

– Earlier, I mentioned three main benefits of having a driver’s license. In addition to those, a driver’s license also serves other functions such as identification and document verification in certain procedures.

III. How do I get it?

Base on the provided information, it appears that you are concerned about the issue of language barrier for foreign individuals who intend to obtain a driver’s license in Vietnam. The driving examination is conducted in Vietnamese, which poses a challenge for those who are not fluent in the language. Learning Vietnamese takes time, and if you want to obtain a driver’s license immediately, you may wonder what options are available.

DC Motorbikes provides comprehensive services for obtaining a driver’s license in Vietnam, including lifetime driver’s licenses. You can refer to their blog post for more information:

One of the steps before obtaining a driving license

Please note that the provided link discusses a three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes, which may be helpful for individuals seeking to obtain a motorcycle license. If you have specific concerns or requirements, it is advisable to contact DC Motorbikes directly for further assistance.

Hope this article will be useful to you!

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