CB 500X Honda – Brand new arrival

Combined with a twin-cylinder engine that features formidable power, the Honda CB 500X at DC Motorbikes is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Which allows them to freely experience an excitingly fast vehicle while remaining safe.

Honda CB 500X Engine

The Honda CB500X 2023 has a “heart” of a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder parallel engine with a size of 471cc and liquid cooling. This engine block contributes to a maximum output of 46.9 horsepower at 8,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 43 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Honda CB500X Advantages

The manufacturer has refined the CB500X’s center of gravity to the front. This helps improve the grip at the front of the vehicle. Not only that, the structure of the front end has also been refined, especially the eye-catching copper-plated third fork.

Improvements at the front of the motorcycles combined with a horizontally spread, high-arranged steering wheel help make the vehicle’s control more flexible, while the driver’s sitting position does not lean too much forward. Therefore, even when driving long distances, bikers are still very comfortable and do not get tired easily.


In terms of convenience, the Honda CB 500X keeps its negative LCD clock screen. This screen is divided into two sections: the left side shows engine rpm and gear, while the right side shows kilometers traveled, speed, and engine temperature.

This, paired with the sporty look, makes the CB500X the best model for long-distance driving and navigating curves around mountain passes.




HONDA CB 500X at DC Motorbikes

Currently, Honda Vietnam does not provide any accessories for the CB500X. However, at DC Motorbikes, we do install side storage and racks for our beloved customers. The side boxes can load up to 10 kg, and the back box has a capacity of 42 lt. Which is really spacious and can contain all your needs.

Check out our details for the CB500X rental via this link:



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