Wrap-up 2023 – a year to remember

2023, to DC Motorbikes, is a year to remember and marked by important moments, achievements, as well as mixed emotions. Let’s join us for a wrap-up of this wonderful year.

Lesson in 2023

We are fortunate enough to have expats from every corner of the world come to learn how to ride a motorcycle.


In 2023, we had a total of 747 lessons.


It’s really easy to ride a bike. You only need a ‘not-easy-to-give-up’ mindset and experienced instructors.


In 90 minutes, our instructors will show you the basic functions of the bike and detailly guide you on how to ride and deal with the hectic nature of Saigon traffic.



A1/A2 Test in 2023

2023 is also a huge achievement for us, as well as for our hard-working learners of A1 and A2.

We are extremely happy to be able to help a total of:

  • 109 customers to get the lifetime license for A1 (below 175cc) and A2 (above 175cc).
  • 253 customers who get their Vietnamese license converted from their home country license.

You want a Vietnamese license? Name it!!! We can get it all for you. With or without TRC (temporary residence card).

We came up with tips and tricks that will help you do the test better. The only requirement is that you are willing to learn some Vietnamese words (30+ for A1 and 50+ for A2).


Rental service in 2023

It is a mission for DC Motorbikes to assist foreigners with commuting in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides licenses, we do also offer all kinds of mortorbikes for rent. 2023

By “all kinds”, we mean “ALL KINDS”. Bikes that range from Fully Automatic or Semi-automatic to Manual and Electricty even; from 50cc to 500cc.

Not only bikes, Car rental is available at DC Motorbikes as well. 2023





Our Holiday

Thanks to our precious customers, we were able to reward ourselves with a company trip to Lagi, Phan Thiet province. We hope that, in 2024, we can make more memorable trips like this one. 2023
To end with, we would like to send our most sincere appreciation to our loyal customers who have been by our side the past years and make those memories as wonderful as you are.


Love from DC Motorbikes. 2023


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? Facebook: DC motorbikes
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