7 Reasons why you should use the motorcycle rental service at DC Motorbikes

If you are looking for a motorcycle rental place in Ho Chi Minh City, you can refer to our store – DC Motorbikes. As a motorbike rental agent that has been operating for over 8 years, DC Motorbikes has continuously improved and developed its services to create customer satisfaction, satisfaction, and bring customers the best experience. Are you still hesitant? We will list 7 main reasons why you should rent a motorbike at DC Motorbikes below this article.

Bikes of Good Quality

With 8 years of experience, DC Motorbikes has been constantly improving the quality of its motorcycles to the best possible state in order to provide customers with the best experience. Mechanics will always perform regular maintenance on motorcycles to minimize the occurrence of any problems

Motorcycle rental sevice
Motorcycle rental sevice at DC Motorbikes

Wide variety of motorcycles

DC Motorbikes offers all types of motorcycles such as Semi-bikes, automatic scooter, manual bikes, and electric motorcycles from famous brands such as Honda, Yamaha, … You can choose the motorcycle line with the appropriate engine capacity for you (50cc, 110cc, 155cc, …)

Motorcycle rental service

We have two locations for motorcycle rental 

District 2 (now Thu Duc) and District 7 are the two locations where DC Motorbikes operates, especially close to the central district of District 1, making it very convenient to get around.

DC Motorbikes in DIST 7, HCMC
DC Motorbikes in Dist 2, HCMC

Are the staff here helpful?

At DC Motorbikes, 100% of the staff are fluent in English, and well-versed. The guides and receptionists have prior experience before working and are thoroughly trained by DC Motorbikes. In addition, they bring with them a very positive and energetic energy, ready to assist with any issues that arise with customers.

The DC Motorbikes team is always on top of customer messages, ready to assist customers who encounter issues or have questions. We strive to respond promptly to ensure a seamless customer experience.
motorbike for rental

DC Motorbikes on the Google review

As of now, both DC Motorbikes branches have received nearly 400 reviews on Google, with positive ratings averaging 4.9/5 stars. This is a good sign that you can confidently use our motorcycle rental services.

DC Motorbikes on the Google reviews

Learn more: DC Motorbikes in Dist2 on the Google review.

DC Motobikes in Dist7 on the Google review

Competitive price

DC Motorbikes offers the best and most reasonable motorbike rental prices for customers. The rental price of DC Motorbikes is quite competitive compared to other stores, the rental price will depend on the type of motorbike, the quality of the motorbike, the year of manufacture,… customers can consider.

Accompanied service 

Driving lesson service

Dreaming of zipping around the city on a scooter but haven’t mastered the art of riding yet? Fret no more! DC Motorbikes offers a comprehensive beginner’s scooter riding course that will have you confidently navigating the streets in just 90 minutes. Once you’ve completed the course, you can seamlessly rent one of our top-notch scooters and hit the road without a worry in the world!

Vietnamese driving license service at DC Motorbikes

One other issue, having a driver’s license is extremely necessary when participating in traffic in Vietnam. You need to have a legal driver’s license, note that it must be a Vietnamese license. If you are checked by traffic police, they will not accept an international driver’s license.

If you don’t have a Vietnamese license yet, you can convert your international license or take a driving test to get a legal license.

However, if you intend to rent a 50cc motorbike, you don’t need to worry about this.

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