The XSR155- Evaluation of DC Motorbikes

The XSR155

Last time, I wrote a review about the WinnerX motorbike, which is a popular manual transmission bike in Vietnam. As someone who is passionate about motorcycles, today I will review another manual transmission bike for you – the XSR155 or the XS155R”

Below are some information of the XSR155 that I have gathered and my evaluation of it

I. About the design?

From the first glance, this is a motorcycle model with a classic design reminiscent of a large displacement bike. However, the main difference is that it combines a vintage classic style with a touch of modernity, featuring extremely captivating colors and a strong, agile, and dynamic appearance.

the XSR155

  • All of this is immediately evident from the front of the bike, with a round-shaped headlight cluster but using an LCD screen instead of an analog one. The digital instrument panel displays various information such as speed, odometer, fuel level, etc. Additionally, the handlebar is designed to be simple and positioned higher, allowing for a better riding posture.
  • On the sides of the XS155R bike, there are drop-shaped fuel tanks with a capacity of 10 liters. The seat has a bread loaf design.
  • The bike is equipped with a single-piece cast alloy wheel set and durable and grippy tire treads, providing excellent road traction.
  • At the rear, there is a cluster of round-shaped taillights that combine classic design with modern LED lighting technology, giving the bike a more contemporary and harmonious look.
  • Additionally, the manufacturer has also included aluminum details in the subframe and under the engine to provide better protection for the bike.
  • It can be said that with its Neo-Retro style, the Yamaha XS155R motorcycle is an ideal choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate classic, elegant styles.
the XSR155
Classic, masculine, rugged yet not bulky from a rear perspective.
Headlight of the XSR155



II.About Specifications

Setting the design aside, let’s now move on to the specifications. Here is a summary table of the important technical specifications of the Yamaha XS155R motorbikes:


internal engine of the XSR155

Based on the provided specifications, it can be said that the XS155R motorbike is highly suitable for touring or adventure trips due to its powerful performance. Its 155cc engine with 14.7 horsepower and 14.3 Nm torque provides sufficient power for various riding conditions.

the XSR155
Exhaus pipe of the XS155R

The 6-speed transmission allows for smooth gear shifting and flexibility on different terrains. The diamond type steel frame ensures stability and durability, making it suitable for long-distance travel. Additionally, the disc brakes and the grippy tire treads provide reliable stopping power and excellent traction, ensuring safety during off-road adventures.Overall, the XS155R proves to be a suitable choice for those seeking powerful and capable motorcycles for touring or off-road excursions.

the XSR155
Shock absorber of the XSR155

Oh, the XSR 155 motorbikes is so enticing, I want to experience it. Is this model available at DC Motorbikes? Yes, it is. So, why wait? Book one for yourself right away.”

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