Check the license on the website of the Government?


How can I check the most accurate license in Vietnam?

What’s up everyone! To day the mix is becoming increasingly diverse. The “Rogue” also appear frequently, being very sophisticated and sinister. Creating objects with precision is no longer difficult for them thanks to the advancement of modern science, even for fake licenses. So, checking or verifying driver’s license is absolutely necessary.

After taking the driver’s license test and getting it from DC Motorbikes, you wonder if your ” yellow card ” is real or fake?

I. Instructions for verifying driver’s licenses on the government website (Real or Fake)

 1.Add full your information before checking

Step 1: Access the following link:

Here is a Website of the Vietnamese Gov for checking your license

Step 1 : Select the type of driver’s license.

Step 2: Enter the driver’s license number.

Step 3: Enter your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).

Step 4: Enter Security Code

Enter and wait a few seconds, check it then.


2. Check verification results

The result after checking if your license is real
All your information of your license shows up

There we have it.

If the website shows an error message, no information on the driving license was found in the national license database. Maybe you entered the wrong information.

Please check again or you can contact DC Motorbikes , we will help you right away.

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Thank you so much!

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