Three-step driving motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes

Driving is an essential and useful skill that allows you to travel independently and flexibly. It opens up many opportunities for commuting, traveling, and exploring new places. However, to be able to ride a motorcycle, what factors do you need to be equipped with? What traffic knowledge do you need? How do you handle different situations?


Three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes
Scooter for Motorcycle Course

Why you should ride a motorbikes?

Being fascinated and loving or needing motorcycle for going to work/school. But do not know how to take on riding a motorbike in Viet Nam? Three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes will help you out. It is normally said that a motorcycle is challenging to get started. However, it is not that challenging. When coming to DC Motorbikes, they are basically bicycles with engines. The only difference that can be seen is the accelerator (equipped on the motorbike to speed up), the others stay the same with bicycles.

You can follow this link for more detailed information to prepare for riding:

In fact, balance is the main key to riding a motorcycle. Mastering balance does not take long. There is one safer option to learn how to keep balance on two wheels but a motorbike, which is bicycle. Therefore, making sure before getting on a motorbike, you guys have to know how to ride a bicycle first. Another question, you are a tourist travelling Vietnam who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle and are looking for a motorbike driving school in Ho Chi Minh City? Why not consider the 3-step motorcycle driving course at DC Motorbikes?

Detailed process for the motorcycle driving course at DC Motorbikes

Step 1: Learning basic functions and motorcycle controls

In this first step of the three-step course for a motorcycle at DC Motorbikes. Learners will be carefully instructed on the motorcycle functions (how to take brakes safely indicators/horns, etc.). Moreover, this very first step is to make sure learners get used to motorcycle controls and basic traffic laws (speeding up to move forward, turning left/right, and crossing the road will be included in this step).

Three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes
Motorcycle course for very beginners


Step 2: Practicing on our open range area with a motorcycle

For this stage, learners will be taken to real roads in Sai Gon by DC Motorbikes team but in sparsely populated areas. They will have a chance to experience real situations and improvise with whatever happens on the streets. Of course, under the instructor’s strict supervision. Specifically, every single time learners encounter situations confusing to handle, the instructor will stop them and explain what they should do with their motorcycle. Those are details must be accomplished in the second step of motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes.


Step 3: Riding by yourself and following your instructor to crowded roads (traffic jams) 

The final step of the three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes. Learners will be explained how they can go through the traffic jam in Sai Gon with their own motorcycle.Traffic Laws about how to change lanes in a main way, Methods to go through roundabout, etc. will be included in the final step of the Motorcycle course.

Three-step motorcycle course at DC Motorbikes
Experiencing real roads in Sai Gon

After completing the course, you will be fully confident to ride on the streets of Vietnam with the knowledge and skills you have acquired. You can also try out higher cc bikes, but we don’t recommend it because if you want to ride on the road, you need to have a driver’s license. If you want to practice, please go to an empty lot to experience.

Instructors and Prices for motorcycle driving course at DC Motorbikes

 1. DC Instructors 

DC Motorbikes have been specializing in a number of different methods for How to ride a motorcycle safely in three days to fit all customers coming to us. For those who are scared, careful, etc. We will find out and choose the most appropriate one for each. Moreover, when coming to DC for riding lessons, you will work with experts in riding as all of them have more than 8 years of riding and some even 15 years. They are:

  • Mr. Richard – Founder – An instructor with notable insights into instructing.    
  • Ms. Kristen – DC Manager – Being an instructor for more than 400 clients.
  • Ms. Millie –  R&D leader – Established more than 23 methods of instructing.
  • Mr. Brooks – Co-Founder – Having more than 4000 hours instructing with different kind of Motorbikes.
  • Ms. Vy -DC Senior- Working in both R&D Department and Instructing Department.

  2. Prices

The prices of the Three-step motorcycle driving course at DC Motorbikes will vary with the kind of motorcycles that learners wish to learn, and the time limit for each lesson is 90 minutes.

  • Automatic Motorbikes Course: 600.000VND/ 90 minutes
  • Semi-Automatic Motorbikes Course: 700.000VND/ 90 Minutes 
  • Manual Motorbikes Course: 700.000VND/ 90 Minutes.

Register now

Store Locations for registering in-person

Riding lessons are always available in two store locations, pick one convenient for you. Nevertheless, DC Motorbikes highly suggest you to book one day early before coming, this is to make sure that you do not have the same schedule with other clients who booked.





Adress 1: 16 Truc Duong, Thao Dien, District 2, Thu Duc City
Adress 2: 40 Hung Gia 1, Tan Phong, District 7, HCMC

All of the mentioned steps for the course are being provided at an affordable price at DC Motorbikes. You will be instructed by DC Team, with staff who are Vietnamese ( having years on Motorcycles) and speak English fluently. Therefore, we confidently assert and commit to instruct you as a very beginner. We commit to refund, if learners gain nothing from the course and feel uncomfortable with the service we are providing.

📲 Richard: 0987.248.050 (Call, Message, Zalo, Whatsapp).
📲 Brooks: 0983.459.032 (Call, Message, Zalo, Whatsapp).








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