Parking your motorbike safely in Vietnam

Parking your motorbike safely in Vietnam has been a frequently asked question. Bikes are parked almost anywhere on the streets of this pleasant country, but knowing how to park securely like a Vietnamese person is essential. Noting a few things to remember when parking at a given area on the streets of Vietnam.

Parking outside a shop

Whenever you arrive at a diner or a stall, there is usually a yellow line in front of the store, designating the parking area for guests that is on-the-go. If you opt to park on the pavement, remember to lock the steering wheel. Please keep in mind that you should only park if there are a lot of motorcycles nearby. To be even more secure, look for the security guard and ask him to guide you to the parking lot. With the cost of around 5.000VND to 10.000VND for the parking fee, there will be someone taking responsibility when your bike is stolen.

Next, we also have to secure your helmet. You can store it under the bike’s seat. If the ”trunk” is too full, you can hang the helmet on the hook installed on the trunk. Then close the trunk.

Parking your motorbike safely in Vietnam
Shop Parking


Parking inside the shopping mall

The safest option is to park in a shopping mall. You may have already known how the electric parking ticket works. Hence, the safety of this method is indisputable. The parking fee in these malls is various, but it won’t exceed 10.000VND. For some malls, the fee won’t be charged or it can be waived if you purchase to a certain amount. However, you will still want to secure your helmet. Just in case!

One crucial thing to remember is not to lock your steering wheel. Because the motorcycles are squeezed next to each other. Therefore, others will have to move yours in order to get theirs out.


Parking your motorbike safely in Vietnam
Shopping mall parking

Parking in a private parking lot

What will you do if you are in a hurry and there is no mall nearby? If so, a private parking lot would be an excellent alternative option. These places are usually operated by a household. Therefore, the facilities and services may not reach common standards. Moreover, since it is a self-business, the fee is totally up to their decision. Hence, before deciding to park your vehicle there, use “bao nhieu tien?” to ask for the price to avoid being overcharged. Another way is to observe how much the people are paying for the parking. And also, remember not to lock your steering wheel!


One last notice is to keep the ticket/E-ticket safe! The fine of losing them is relatively high. Make sure to always have your ID/TRC and the bike’s cavet with you. Lastly, don’t keep any precious things unattended inside the trunk.

That’s it! Hope you have a safe and wonderful visit in Vietnam!


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