Riding your motorcycle should be a joy, but we all know that occasional issues can arise. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through straightforward solutions to the most frequent challenges riders encounter. Whether it’s a starting issue, cooling problems, or brake malfunctions, we’ve got you covered.Let’s together with DC Motorbike review the most common issues when using motorcycles and how to handle them!


1. The phenomenon of the scooter not being able to start

On a beautiful day, you want to leave the house with your motorbike, but it refuses to start. What should you do?

If you attempt to start your bike and it fails to start, the first thing to consider is the battery. When the battery is depleted, your bike may not start, as it lacks sufficient energy.
Signs of a motorbike not being able to start due to electricity include the sound of the horn being too low, or when the lights are turned on but the light from the headlights, taillights, clock lights, etc. is too weak.

There is one more issue when your motorcycle won’t start, the reason may be that the motorcycle has been idle for too long. Try to crank it a bit more.

2. The phenomenon of the bike losing brakes, the brakes not working

Brakes are a very important part on a motorbike, they help you slow down and stop the motorbike quickly. If you squeeze the handbrake or step on the footbrake hard and it feels too weak, the motorbike will continue as normal without stopping. braking or stopping is a sign that your motorcycle’s brakes are broken.

The main cause is due to the brake pads or brake discs being contaminated with lubricant. With small cars, it is easy for fork oil or brake fluid to leak and stick

3. The phenomenon of the bike turning off automatically when accelerating

The phenomenon of the car turning off automatically when decelerating is often due to the following reasons:

  • Common is weak garanti
  • Dirty spark plugs cause poor ignition, need to remove the spark plug to clean
  • The air filter is clogged so the air-fuel mixture is not suitable, you need to remove the air filter and clean it thoroughly
  • A weak battery leads to dark lights and easy engine stalling

4.The phenomenon of the bike suddenly stalling

While driving on the road, the car suddenly stalled. Even if you cannot control the steering wheel, it can cause unnecessary accidents. Below are the reasons why your car suddenly stalls in the middle of the road:

  • The car was flooded in the rain
  • Electrical system (Ignition CDI cluster is broken, wire is broken)
  • The spark plug has a problem due to the fuel system (running out of fuel, dirty fuel filter)
  • Car lock part (electronic lock short circuit error)
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Hot machine
  • Carburetor/garanti is weak

Solving common motorcycle issues easily


Common motorcycle issues
source: Internet

1.1. The phenomenon of the scooter not being able to start

To handle this phenomenon, first try recharging the battery. In case the battery is too old, you should completely replace it with a new one. However, if both of the above methods fail, the cause is most likely due to the bike’s electrical system being damaged and you need to take it to a shop or bike warranty dealer for repair.

1.2. Remaining problems

For any other issues, the best way to handle them is to take your vehicle to the nearest motorcycle repair center. Due to the complex structure of the bike, you cannot fix it yourself.

How to fix a motorcycle engine stall caused by water entering the internal components

Repairing motorcycles at DC Motorbikes 

At DC Motorbikes, we have a team of experienced and long-serving mechanics in both District 2 and District 7. They can quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly address any issues. They can not only handle common motorcycle issues but also address complex problems easily. For a long time, our motorbike repair service has been as prominent as our motorbike rental service at DC Motorbikes.

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