Ho Chi Minh Scooter Rental – Where to rent ?

You are an ex-pat in need of a motorcycle in Vietnam for everyday errands or lengthy trips? Some people decide to buy new ones, while others prefer to rent because it requires less paperwork and money than buying a brand-new motorcycle. Due to this, renting a scooter has become a hip new necessity for ex-pats living in Vietnam. As a result, many people are asking if any credible motorcycle rental businesses come highly recommended for ex-pats. Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi are the two major cities in Vietnam, and these two locations have highly developed motorcycle rental services. This blog will primarily cover scooter rentals in Ho Chi Minh City and five highly recommended motorcycle rental shops for Expats in HCMC.

1. DC Motorbikes

Ho Chi Minh Scooter Rental

One of the places to know when hiring a motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh City is DC Motorbikes. Whether it is a short-term or long-term rental, DC Motorbikes will regularly inspect, fix, and assist clients if there are any issues throughout their rental. The price ranges of DC Motorbikes are divided into two distinct categories: day rentals and monthly rentals.
In comparison to monthly renting, the cost for daily rental would be slightly more. This type of rental is better suited for people who are on a short trip and require a motorbike to get to hot spots in Ho Chi Minh City.
Furthermore, to fulfill the demands of consumers, DC Motorbikes always offer accessories for motorcycles such as phone holders, Givi Box, and qualified helmets to make it more convenient for clients to enjoy their trip.

1.1. The Cost for Rental
Depending on the motorcycle model (E-bike, Automatic bike, Semi-Automatic bike, Manual Bike), the cost might range from 150.000VND to 500.000VND.
For monthly rental, depending on the models and circumstances of the motorcycle, the cost for a monthly rental will range from 1.500.000VND to 5.000.000VND.

1.2. DC Motorbikes Address and Contact


2. Tigit Motorbikes

Ho Chi Minh Scooter Rental

Long-distance motorcycle rentals are available from Tigit Motorbikes for trips between Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, Danang, and Hanoi. The plan is to travel to one of these places and rent a motorcycle there. Drop off the motorcycle at a new office by driving it to another city.
Day rentals are available from Tigit Motorbikes for trips that begin and end in the same city. The way they stand out from the competitors, though, is by offering long-distance travel packs. Tigit operates with a limited fleet of motorcycles drawn from a small number of models they think are the best-performing motorcycles in Vietnam.

2.1.The Cost for Rental
Prices at Tigit Motorbikes decrease over time. The math/algorithm behind it is a little tricky, but the price “per day” decreases as you rent for a longer period.

2.2. Tigit Motorbikes Address and Contact:

  • Ho Chi Minh – B2-00.01 Sarimi, 72 Nguyen Co Thach, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Vietnam, 7000
  • Hanoi – 75 alley 173 hoang hoa tham street, Ngoc Ha ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, 10000
  • Danang – 113 Lê Văn Duyệt, Nại Hiên Đông, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 777777, Vietnam
  • Dalat – 8 Đường Nguyên Tử Lực, Phường 8, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng 670000, Vietnam
  • Hotline: 0386518481
  • Webpage: https://www.tigitmotorbikes.com/


3. Phu Scooter
Scooter Rental

Ho Chi Minh scooter rental are available for both short- and long-term periods of time at Phu Scooter. All of their rentals come with ongoing maintenance and 24-hour support. Whether you want to hire or own one, they are doing everything that they can at Phu Scooters to give you this choice and convenience.
Additionally, Phu Scooters offers mobile repair services in and around the HCMC area. They will respond to your call as quickly as they can, and so that you do not have to wait around, they will let you know when they expect to arrive.

3.1.The Cost for Rental
Contacting for more information

3.2. Phu Scooters Address and Contacts:


4.The Extra Mile

 Scooter Rental


Since their establishment in 2014, they have provided countless happy clients across the entire country of Vietnam. Thier clientele is primarily acquired through referrals, and it has expanded as a result of goodwill, which is the foundation of their distinctive and constantly changing company strategy.
Their policies is to commit to provide clients with vehicles of the greatest caliber and the absolute best in personal service. In reality, starting in early 2017, The Extra Mile was the first rental firm to start providing rentals of modern scooters.

4.1.The Cost for Rental
Depending on the models that the client requested, the rental charge might vary. Therefore, clients should visit thier webpage for more details:

4.2. The Extra Mile Address and Contact

  • Ho Chi Minh – 18 – 20 street 5 Lang Bao Chi, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City
  • Hotline 1: +84 386 037 673
  • Hotline 2: +84 767 364 916
  • Webpage: https://theextramile.co/

5. Saigon Motorcycles

Ho Chi Minh Scooter Rental

Having been one of the most reliable company for Ho Chi Minh scooter rental, Saigon Motorcycles understand and offer their clients with the best options that meet their demands. Their stores would definitely a worth-visiting place when you need a bike for a number of purposes.

5.1. The Cost for Rental
Depending on the models that the client requested, the rental charge might vary. Therefore, clients should use the following link to contact them for more details.

5.2. SaiGon Motorcycles Address and Contact

  • Store 1: 18 – 20 street 5 Lang Bao Chi, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City.
  • Store 2: 21 Le Van Thiem, Tan Phong, D7, HCMC.
  • Hotline 1: +84 386 037 673
  • Hotline 2: +84 767 364 916
  • Webpage: https://www.saigonmotorcycles.com/

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