Yamaha Exciter 150cc


Thông tin mô tả:
  • Manual transmission.
  • 2021 bike.
  • 150cc.
  • Matt black.
  • Good bike

    Liên hệ tư vấn - thuê xe - mua hàng: 0983 459 032

    Exciter 150 is improved according to the trend of sport bike with an overall size of 1,985 x 670 x 1,100 (mm) and a weight of about 117kg. The motorcycle is equipped with a full LED light system, a full LCD screen, a headlight button for overtaking, turning the engine on and off, and the wheel size has also changed to be more comfortable. SOHC engine block, engine capacity has been increased from 135 to 150 cc, 4-stroke is liquid-cooled, equipped with Fi system for maximum fuel saving but can still reach top speed, the suspension system is quite quiet. It is equipped with an emergency engine opening and closing button to help stop the engine quickly and promptly in emergency situations and smart positioning lock utility. It has manual 5-speed gearbox. The fuel tank capacity is 4.2L and fuel consumption is about 2.2L/100km

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