Honda Blade 2019


Thông tin mô tả:
  • Semi Automatic bike.
  • 110cc.
  • Good conditions.
  • Good for trip.

    Liên hệ tư vấn - thuê xe - mua hàng: 0983 459 032

    There are 3 editions: Blade with mechanical brake, Blade with disc brake and Blade with cast rim with a total of 7 color options.
    Honda Blade uses a 110cc engine, with the overall dimensions of length x width x height of 1,920 mm x 702 mm x 1,075 mm, respectively, and a weight of 98 kg. The headlights and turn signals are designed in a monolithic, angular and sturdy part with strong lighting capacity. As a popular manual model, Honda Blade still uses traditional analog meter. It uses 3-in-1 locks, including electric lock, handle lock and anti-theft magnetic lock. Blade’s engine has been shortened to reduce gearshift operation, reducing weight as well as shifting time, providing a smoother and easier feeling.
    Fuel tank capacity is 3.7L and fuel consumption is about 1.9L/100km

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